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Current Exhibition

Emotion In Motion

"January 16 - February 29, 2016"

P. Gnana is an artist who dances to an enigmatic rhythm that stems from his very being – the rhythm of human emotions. A certain zest to reflect this rhythm through his works, in a way that is both blatant and sincere, has been the reason for his continuous evolvement and involvement as an artist. Having been an artist for the past 10 years of his life, a very strong sense of freedom, love, discipline and an innocent honesty rules the art of Gnana. The themes and subjects of his paintings are apparently of a universal nature. Regardless of how exhaustively the theme of the mother and the child has been utilised in the history of western and eastern art, Gnana continues to project his great emotional affiliation towards this theme. This is something that comes uncultivated and straight from his heart.

In ‘Emotion In Motion’, Gnana’s works reveal an artistic maturity that has enabled him to seriously focus, ‘explain’ and ‘speak’ about his subject matter. The works in this exhibition are a reflection of his reactions and explorations in the subject of the human relationship, or rather the lack of a relationship in today’s environment. Relationships, especially emotional and personal ones, are not as strong as they used to be, or once deemed to be.

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