Past Exhibition

The Green Canvas

"May 21 - June 21, 2018"

anvasses add colour to life. Art makes life colourful. And what better medium of expression on World Environment Day, than the deft strokes of the artist’s brush, bringing to life its nuances, beauty and the myriad of colours that truly enriches us all. Art Spice Gallery brings to you this celebration of life where we cherish its generosity and leave a positive “footprint” by embracing its flora, fauna and abundant, natural resources. The intricate paintings on display speak about the textures, hues and beauty around us, not only enriching our being but also reminding us of our responsibility in ensuring that we preserve the colours of life. Let us use the medium of art and make the entire world a masterpiece.


Songs of India

"April 18 - May 31, 2019",

New Delhi