Shridhar Iyer


Born in 1961, He is one of the most inspired artist in the abstract genre, whose work is beyond doubt global in manifestation, content and form. His very distinctive style explores pure contemplation on a spiritual level as his trait. His ability to grasp the philosophical at an abstract level is extraordinary and his works specify his astonishing legerdemain as he juxtaposes strong and fragile colours in complete harmony. He revels in the interplay of form and colour as his works have an urbane and sophisticated feel to them and their subtle elegance sets them apart. He has been exhibiting since 1985, having held several solo shows and has been participating in important groups globally. His works are part of some important collections across the world.

The canvasses indicate Shridhar’s intention to go beyond formalism and to convey metaphorical meanings. They reference places he has travelled, people he has known and the gods and goddesses that dwell within and without. These works are as much about ancient citadels of rituals in the valleys and mountains. The weaving of chants and prayers into India’s spiritual culture has about it a humble yet indepth sophistication because it is about an awakening that cannot be put into words. The variety, the vocabulary, the language for constructing and imagining different ways to cross threads of devotion and rituals and connect threads of past and present is what makes the journey one of richness . You also think of simple rituals as a culture that is more than a written language- one that is handed down many generations in different forms. This is what interests me: in these canvasses- we are reminded of the Devnagiri script that is written anywhere everywhere even on stones.

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